I25 HOV/Toll Lane Open for Testing from 120th to 84th

I just drove the speed limit from 120th through 84th on SB I25 for the first time during rush hour in a long time. The only explanation is the new HOV/Toll lane opened for testing.  

Let's hope this continues once they start charging for it.  

We all know that this commute is the worst in Colorado. It can take upwards of 30 minutes on that section of road.  

I just wish they could have done it without the toll plus have added acceleration and deceleration lanes on the right.  

What a train wreck Denver traffic has become

Denver traffic is horrible and it is only getting worse. Today traffic was stop-and-go from north of 120th on Interstate 25 through Colfax.  

There were no accidents, the only problem was the off-ramp was closed to Colfax Ave. Not to worry, CDOT was warning drivers as far north as the Interstate 76 interchange of the issue. 

Unfortunately that didn't help things. If it's closed just drive by or get off sooner. Make adjustments. But that wasn't happening. 

As soon as I got past the Colfax off ramp traffic opened up and I continued on. People just need to become more aware of what is going on and be better drivers.  

This doesn't absolve CDOT. They should have been more proactive in their planning. The current toll lane for the north part of Interstate 25 won't improve anything. Also RTD has been too slow adding commuter rail north of town. 

The north metro area has paid more than its fair share for traffic and transportation projects. But time has come to adequately build projects there. Unfortunately I think they will still be ignored. 

How would you like to show up at an airport and be the only person on a flight?

How would you like to show up for a flight and not have anyone else on your flight?  Well this person experienced it. 

He was flying from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and originally told there would only be four other passengers. But by the time the flight took off, he was the only one.   

I've been on flights with just a few people, but not by myself. How cool.