Making the tablet jump...

My wife and I made the jump this weekend to iPads as our primary computers. We have an iMac at home and that will serve as our main computer, but most of our work will be done on the iPads.

I have an older MacBook Pro, but that will now be relegated to working with my wife's craft paper cutter. It is an older one and was starting to bog down some, though Yosemite did improve the speed.

The reasoning is that all the things I needed from a computer I could do with an iPad. The same with my wife. We didn't need the extra $500 to $1000 on a laptop. The iMac will be the hub and with cloud apps and iCloud it will be an extension of the iPads. 

Looking forward to the next chapter and will see how it works out.

The commute in Denver is getting worse

I'm joking but one has to wonder if the Colorado Department of Transportation is colluding with RTD to make driving to and from work so bad that people will switch to public transportation. 

From where I would catch a bus and then switch to light rail it would take me just over an hour to get to work. 

My drive, that used to take 35 minutes, now takes about an hour. It's making me consider looking at public transportation again.  

The projects that CDOT has planned in the north metro area is just a band-aide. A toll lane being added from 84th to 120th will do nothing to relieve congestion. It's amazing to me that CDOT has done all this work in more affluent parts of the metro area but do something on I25 through Adams County and only put in a high occupancy toll lane. 

I and my neighbors pat taxes too and supported the other transportation  projects, we should get more than toll lanes. 

DNS is a mess

Recently I switched from Network Solutions to Hover as my domain hosting service for this blog.  Needless to say I didn't fully check things when they came over. That was a mistake.

I don't think that it was any thing that Hover did but I am surprised my settings didn't come across from Network Solutions. They did for my other blog. 

Unfortunately my blog on Squarespace has been down and I apologize for that. I should have checked it. 

Hopefully there won't be any more issues with this blog once the DNS gets around.

TSA does not equal customer service

As a person who works for the federal government I have always worked to ensure the public and customers if the agencies I worked for got my best service. 

I guess the TSA doesn't care. As a taxpayer and a person who travels we are paying them to ensure we are secure on airplanes. We also should expect to get through security with the least amount of inconvenience. 

But it that is not what's happening at Denver International Airport. 

I usually take the bridge to Concourse A. It more convenient than the other security checkpoints and always much faster. 

But on a busy Saturday evening travel night they closed the bridge at 5:45 pm. 

Look at the people waiting to get through security.  


There is no excuse for an entity to treat taxpayers and travelers who pay for this service to be treated this way. 

Oh, more than half the people on the train got off at the A concourse. This shows that the traffic justified keeping it open. 

The A concourse was designed for a majority of the people go over the bridge, not use the train. It is something that should be looked at.

I know people complain about the TSA all the time, but something needs to be done on how they serve travelers. There is a way they can secure flights while ensuring people aren't inconvenienced.