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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

The commute in Denver is getting worse

Peter Soeth

I'm joking but one has to wonder if the Colorado Department of Transportation is colluding with RTD to make driving to and from work so bad that people will switch to public transportation. 

From where I would catch a bus and then switch to light rail it would take me just over an hour to get to work. 

My drive, that used to take 35 minutes, now takes about an hour. It's making me consider looking at public transportation again.  

The projects that CDOT has planned in the north metro area is just a band-aide. A toll lane being added from 84th to 120th will do nothing to relieve congestion. It's amazing to me that CDOT has done all this work in more affluent parts of the metro area but do something on I25 through Adams County and only put in a high occupancy toll lane. 

I and my neighbors pat taxes too and supported the other transportation  projects, we should get more than toll lanes.