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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Major League Baseball Needs to Institute Wider Replay Soon


Baseball is a game played by humans and ruled by humans. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes humans make mistakes. When you have the technology to fix those mistakes and do it quickly, you need to start using it. Major League Baseball instituted replay a couple years ago for home runs. The umpires go off-the-field into some unknown area and watch the play and decide if the original call was correct. I's usually not quick but most of the time they get it right.

Well if you saw the Rockies-Brewers game on July 16, home plate umpire Cory Blaser blew a huge call, one that he should have got correct. He then made the mistake bigger by ejecting Rockies catcher Ianetta and then Rockies manager Jim Tracy.

The play was Mark Kotsay hit a ball to center field that Dexter Fowler caught and then threw a perfect one hop ball to Ianetta at the plate who tagged out Brewers Corey Hart. Or that is what we thought.

Blaser said that Hart was safe and that is what started the melee. Take a look for yourself.

I think there is a history with Blaser and Tracy. Last year, Blaser ejected Tracy after a call in the 9th inning against the Phillies.

Blaser is a young umpire who was in the correct position to make the call. He just blew it and should have had a little thicker skin with Ianetta and Tracy. He needs to apologize, move on and learn from this mistake. He sounds like he has a promising future in baseball.

While it is a game played by humans and ruled by humans. Major League Baseball needs to take into account the technology that is available to it and use it to make the game better and fair.