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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Denver needs to support Pioneer hockey


It's almost as if the Avalanche's losing record has transferred to the Denver Pioneers. But the thing is that the Denver Pioneers are winning. The DU hockey team is ranked sixth in the country and puts a really good product on the ice. They gave several players that could be the next superstars in the NHL.

But the crowds didn't come out this weekend for two pretty exciting games.

For Friday's game only 3,600 people came out and last night, which ended up being their last home game, only 4,300 showed up.

DU hockey is a good bargain and an entertaining evening. A great time to bring the family out.

Follow DU as they make their way through the WCHA Final Five and hopefully make it to the Frozen Four.

But as next fall rolls around and you don't have the NFL to watch, consider bringing out your family to watch DU hockey. I think you'll like it.