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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-22


  • How does Starbucks run out of sleeves for the hot drinks? I can't even hold the cup of coffee. #fail #
  • I think the Detroit Lions are getting screwed by the officials. Maybe Jerry Jones has bought them also. That should've been a TD. #nfl #
  • @redsoxunixgeek thanks but that might quite a trip to get one. I'll just have to take 2 next time. #
  • If Tennessee loses this, they can only blame themselves. Two horrible penalties in OT. #nfl #
  • It's either invasive or not. RT @9newsdotcom: TSA chief: Screening will be minimally invasive #9NEWS #
  • @EllisFan14 I have the outside Christmas lights up, but they're not on. Just took advantage of the semi-nice weather this weekend. #
  • Let's go Rapids! Kick-off is minutes away. #
  • This referee sucks! A penalty should have been called. The FC Dallas player kicked Casey! #Rapids #
  • The non-call on the penalty in the box may determine the game. I guess the referee didn't want to make the call, but it could be big! #mls #
  • I think the referee let FC Dallas weigh on his call. It was a late yellow. He should have given it right away. Bad officiating tonight. #mls #
  • CASEY! Rapids tie the game 1-1. #mls #
  • The referee sucks! How did he get chosen to call the MLS Cup! #mls #rapids #fcdallas #
  • This official has let everything go so far and then tries to pull it back. He is calling everything against Colorado now. #mls #
  • That should have been a penalty against Dallas. Horrible officiating! #mls #
  • I bet if FC Dallas had the corner he would have let them take it. Horrible officiating! FIFA and MLS need better referees. #mls #
  • Kandji! Rapids take 2-1 lead in OT. Go Rapids! #
  • Pickens! What a big save. Only a couple minutes left. #rapids #
  • What a finish! #rapids are just holding on right now. Only a minute left. Go Rapids! #
  • Rapids are MLS Champions! #
  • What is this white stuff falling? Snow wasn't predicted to fall here in Denver. It'll be a fun commute in the morning. #
  • Hey #TSA It's either invasive or not. It can't be minimally invasive. #

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