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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Twitter Updates for 2010-11-18


  • WAC suspends Idaho's Keo for hit to head on BSU QB. Why aren't they suspending BSU player for hit to Idaho QB's head? #
  • @VandalNation I find it interesting that Keo is suspended for a hit and BSU player gets off for same hit on Enderle earlier in the game. #
  • @VandalNation It's definitely a big loss for the Vandals against a pesky team. #
  • @SR_JoshWright the calls were inconsistent. Enderle was hit in helmet-to-helmet hit earlier and it wasn't called or punished. #
  • @SR_JoshWright plus if you slow the hit down, Keo doesn't make contact with his helmet. It was a shoulder to the chest. #
  • @SR_JoshWright those PI calls were pretty bad. Thanks for all the coverage by-the-way. It's nice to keep track far from Moscow. #
  • This must stop! RT @DarrellBrogdon: TSA = Total Sexual Assault : Keep the buzz going, we can't stand for this. #

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