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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

DU senior Jesse Martin suffers career-threatening injury, Malone should be suspended


UPDATE: DU senior Jesse Martin suffers career-threatening injury | The Denver Post — All Things Colorado Sports For those of you who have don't know, DU senior and assistant captain for the DU hockey team was hit head on by Brad Malone and left motionless on the ice.

Matin ended up losing consciousness and movement in his arms and legs. He did regain movement on the way to the hospital. But after examination it was determined that he has a broken neck in three places and was transferred to Minneapolis for emergency surgery.

His playing career is probably over.

Malone, a draft pick of the Avalanche, should be suspended for his hit. But knowing the hockey culture he'll probably get off without any punishment. Right after the hit, the referees didn't even call a penalty, but with Martin laying motionless I guess they thought they had to do something.

Until hockey players start respecting each other, people will continue to get hurt like this. Hit hard, but hit fair.

It's time the WCHA that they won't tolerate these hits anymore.

My thoughts and prayers are with Martin and his family. Hopefully he gets healthy soon!


Here is a video of the hit.