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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

MY Solutions to RTD's problems


Solutions to RTD's problems - The Denver Post. This was published in today's Denver Post and I couldn't disagree with his position more.

The voters approved Fast Tracks to bring the light rail and rail to the north metro area. This needs to be accomplished soon and on schedule as promised.

This solution is the only way to accomplish the goal of reducing emissions and traffic congestion in the north metro Denver area. If you haven't tried to drive from Brighton, Thornton, or Westminster areas to downtown during rush hour or anytime, you would know what I am talking about.

Traffic is horrible all the time.

RTD should look to innovative solutions to help pay for those. An example would be paid parking at park 'n ride lots. This is done in other areas and is an accepted process.

A vote for another authorization would not work and would fail. The residents in the southern metro area feel they have already paid for it because they got their lines and don't have to worry.

Those in the northern metro area are getting left behind. Research shows that a comprehensive public transportation system (including light rail or train) brings and encourages business to set up in your community.

Also the Denver Metro area is struggling to meet the clean air act requirements that the EPA is enforcing. We can go a long way to meeting those laws by having a comprehensive rail plan.

Until we have a comprehensive public transportation infrastructure in place, it will be hard to move forward as a community. The Denver metro area is a world class city, it's time we have a world class rail system.