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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado rolls out. I'm In


[youtube][/youtube] A new media outlet in Denver was launched today, This venture was put together by some of the former staff of the Rocky Mountain News and there entrepreneurs.

In order for it to succeed, they will need to have the commitment of 50,000 subscribers by April 23, 2009. The 150th anniversary of the Rocky Mountain News.

The subscription fees are $4.99 a month for a twelve month subscription, $5.99 for six months, $6.99 for a three month subscription.

If they reach their goal, they will launch the site on May 4.

This is an interesting venture and I am hoping it will work.  The news on the site will be free, but those who subscribe will get premium content including columnists and other stuff.

I'm In! Are you?