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Bloggingheads: Jindal and Race


Bloggingheads: Jindal and Race - Video Library - The New York Times This is an interesting discussion on whether or not race is playing into the criticism of Bobby Jindal's speech last week.

I have seen several interviews that Jindal has given and he does really well in them and presents himself really well.

One example is on 60 minutes this past Sunday. It was a really good interview and showed Jindal in his element. In Louisiana and meeting the people of Louisiana. His interview on Meet the Press the week before was also really good.

But his speech in response to President Barack Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress. It was a weird speech and suffered from a poor delivery. He didn't look really comfortable. 

The discussion about Jindal and race was an interesting one. I am not sure that I quite agree with it. But it has some merit.

Jindal does not fit the mold of an up-and-coming conservative to lead the Republicans in either of the next elections. And that worries liberals.

He is not white and I think that a lot of liberals may feel that he is betraying his race by not being a Democrat. It scares them and that is why they are attacking and criticizing him. They need to discount him somehow.

It will be nice in this country when we don't have to worry about a person's race when they are running for office, or just doing anything.

We are all Americans and race should not play any part. At all!