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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

A great story on Oskar Blues Brewery


Channel 4 (KCNC) had a great story on Oskar Blues Brewery last night on their news. The story discussed how the brewery, makers of Dale's Pale Ale, Old Chub Scottish Ale and others, is beating the recession and is actually expanding. I must say I really love Dale's Pale Ale and Old Chub. Both are extremely good beers and enjoy them.

The unique thing that they are doing is bucking the trend of bottling. They are not bottling, they are actually canning. They have developed a great way to can the beer where they use a water-based coating and the beer never touches metal of the can.

I think this is a great story of a local company. I hope they succeed and do well. I just want to enjoy the beer some more.

Watch the story on KCNC.