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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Do you believe the Presidential polling numbers


The polling numbers are all over the place.  Up and down. From one poll to the next, even those taken during the same time frame vary widely. Real Clear Politics is pulling all the polls together and then averaging them.

For example here in Colorado.  A poll ran by the Denver Post (9/29-10/1) had the race between McCain and Obama a tie. Another ran by locals Ciruli and Associates (9/19-9/23) had Obama by +1. The national organizations polling in Colorado had Obama up 4-6 percent.

Do you believe the local pollsters who know Colorado or do you trust the national pollsters. Me, I tend to believe the local pollsters who know Colorado a lot better than the national pollsters.

Take a look at article that asks polling experts how accurate is polling.

What are your thoughts on polling and the accuracy of the numbers?