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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

University of Arizona football a model for bad sportsmanship


I just want to say that the University of Arizona football team will get theirs sometime this season.  They are the perfect model for bad sportsmanship. This Saturday, they are playing the University of Idaho in Tucson.  I will be the first to say that Idaho was over-matched in this game.  No doubt about that.

As the favorite you want to beat your opponent, but you don't want to embarrass them.  But at the end of the second half, Arizona got the ball on their 45 yard-line with about 39 seconds to go.  At this time, they had a 35-0 lead.

They then proceeded to air the ball out and call time outs and scored a touchdown with four seconds left.

You just don't do that.  You take a knew or run a couple of running plays.  As I said, you don't embarrass the opponent.

Now you are probably saying that Idaho should stop them and if they can't, then so be it.  But that is not sportsmanship.

Stoops and the University of Arizona showed their true character tonight, they don't have any.  I hope when they get to the Pac 10 league schedule, they get their throats stomped on and embarrassed.

I don't usually root for USC, but they play Arizona in Tucson and will definitely be rooting for the men of Troy.