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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Rising Convention Costs and Delays Worry Democrats


Rising Convention Costs and Delays Worry Democrats - An interesting article on the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Denver at the end of August.  This is nothing new to the residents of Denver. But the National media is finally beginning to recognize the problems.

The host committee is struggling with appropriate financial decisions, is having trouble raising money, and making some bad decisions.  It is falling through for them and now they are discussing having Obama accepting the nomination at Invesco Field.

Some of the bad decisions include wasting money on upscale office space at $100,000 a month and then not needing it all.  They are then wasting that unneeded office space including unneeded office furniture.

In previous articles they are cutting back on parties around town, including parties to recognize the numerous volunteers that are going to be helping with the event.  That is one thing that you don't cut back on, providing recognition to the people who are giving their time to help you.

It will be interesting to see how this comes off and if fundraising increases.  Obama has sent a team of people to help, but is it too late?

The Democrats have found ways to lose the last two elections.  Let's see if they can pull off the convention or blow that also.

I just hope that Denver does not get a bad name because of their incompetence.

Update:  See the comments section for clarification from the Democrats on their blog.