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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

What is up with Vitalist?


I have been a user of Vitalist for quite some time and have found it quite useful. I have tried other systems, including RTM, and have kept coming back. But, it has not changed in quite some time and a promised update for last winter has not materialized. It is quite frustrating when you are a subscriber and it feels that nothing is happening.

Why do I like Vitalist? Vitalist does a good job at keeping track of the items that I need to do. It does what it is supposed to do and I can really adjust my to do's based upon my priorities for the day.

It is also a really good capture program. It is great just to email my to and it is captured in the system. Or even better, I just use Jott and it is there.

What my hope is My hope is that Vitalist will continue to develop and I am looking forward to their beta being opened up more and I hope that it is deployed pretty soon. If I am a subscriber I am looking for things to develop and keep moving forward.

Vitalist is a good product, I can't wait for the new version to come out. But I can't wait that long.