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In Zimbabwe Jail: A Reporter's Ordeal


In Zimbabwe Jail: A Reporter’s Ordeal - New York Times This is a really good article about the oppression, violence, torture and craziness of what is happening in Zimbabwe.  It is really just sad what Robert Mubabe has done to this country.

Barry Bearak was covering the presidential election in Zimbabwe for the New York Times when he was arrested for "committing journalism."  The story follows his experiences through the process in jail, being freed, being re-arrested, and then escaping the country.

The main thing now is what is going to happen with the election.  The final results have not been announced and they are doing a recount.  The opposition is being beaten, arrested, and/or murdered.  But it is a pretty good bet that Mugabe did not win the election.

Let's hope that this repressive government leaves soon, but it is doubtful.  They will probably come up with something to keep them in office.  We all know that recount is a scam.

There are good people in this country, but one tyrant is suppressing and scaring a country so he can remain as the President.

Thanks Barry Bearak for the great article.