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Interesting Post on Blogging Without Accountability


Bob Costas made some interesting statements about blogging today at a dinner for the Make-A-Wish sports auction in south Florida. I saw this article on a blog that the Spokesman-Review runs on various sports out of Spokane, Wash. Here is what I said in a comment section:

I just don't think Costa's gets it. People have something to say, they are going to say it. They just have a bigger audience and they don't need something filtered through the mainstream media that pays Costas salary.

I think that the media is changing and the people who have been doing it through the traditional means are having a hard time with it and are resistant to it. I am finding better coverage and better news on blogs and citizen journalist sites than I am finding through mainstream sites. They just don't have the time anymore to do the job that needs to be done because the staffs have been cut so much.

I can see Cuban restricting access to bloggers, but limiting a person who blogs with a major news outlet that covers your team is ridiculous. The Miami Dolphins seem to be doing it right, I just can't believe they have that many fan sites.

The other interesting thing of this blog was that Mark Cuban, himself a blogger, banned blogger's only from being credentialed at the Dallas Maverick games. I see his point, but they have banned a blogger from a major newspaper in Dallas. I don't think that was cool.

I would be interested to hear what your thoughts and comments are.