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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

I love V for VPN


I just want to say that I really like V for VPN as a VPN provider.  I travel for work and have a VPN for that, but I wanted a VPN for non-work stuff. I have found V for VPN to be incredibly fast and it does not slow down my system.  That doesn't mean the hotel Internet connections are great.

I used Hot Spot VPN for a while and it did not work all the time and it constantly slowed down my system.  Hot Spot VPN was $8.88 a month also, about twice as much as V for VPN is for it top notch service at $4.95 a month.

What make this worthwhile and amazing is that V for VPN was started and is run by a high school student who will graduate a year early this May.  I think this is a worthwhile business to support.