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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

A few thoughts of my Christmas Trip


I headed to California for Christmas and had a wonderful time visitingwith my family and friends. It just seems like yesterday that e were arriving and having fun with family.

This Christmas was a milestone for us as we celebrated my parents 40th Anniversary. It was a fun evening at my sisters and it was time to celebrate and visit with friends, both mine and my parents. It was a nice and relxing evening.

The celebration was topped off with the suprise visit of my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Seattle. It was good to get caiught up with them and it provided them an opportunity to visit with our kids. Out son particularly liked playing with my cousin who is in high school.

I had a great visit and satisfied my one requirement I had for the trip, go to In-N-out burger. It was as good as always and I even had a chance to take my son, who liked the great french fries more than the cheeseburger.

The rest of the time was just hanging out at my parents. The kids liked running around the backyard and I think they made my parents dog a little jealous because he had competition for Gamma and Papa's time.

My wife and I got into playing the Nintendo Wii. We had fun and I think that we will be looking into one soon. It is fun for the whole family. My daughter even had fun playing Wii sports with me.

There were some negatives, but it was all other doings and not our own. First, it is amazing to me the number of stores that take debit cards. We have stores in Colorado that take them, but not to the number in California. In California, compared to Colorado, they charge a processing fee for your debit card. We filled up the rental car and the Arco charged me 45 cents to process my card. They didn't even take credit cards. Now I am being charged by a store and my bank to use my debit card, that is highway robbery!

The TSA in Sacramento was stressed out and plain scarry! The person at the metal detector had my daughter so scared, she wanted to run away. We had to pick her up and carry her through. We have never had to do that before. The TSA in Denver was so nice and even gave my kids stickers. They were so friendly, not in Sacramento. Be warned when flying through there.

We are almost home. We are going to miss our family and friends in California. But we are glad to be home. We are excited to see what Santa left for us on his travels Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!