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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Rory Sabbatini shows his true colors at Target World Challenge


At a charity event hosted by Tiger Woods, Target World Challenge, Rory Sabbatini showed his true colors and withdrew from the event. The problem with this is that he still collected $170,000 for his efforts. Rory's withdrawal may not be that above board. He told his agent that he has shin splints and he worked with them all night and couldn't go today. The problem is that he cleared out his locker on Saturday night and was checking out of his hotel and trying to get a limo to the airport to catch a flight to Maui where he spends Christmas.

He didn't even inform the tournament director to 8:30 AM on Sunday morning.

I don't really think that he had shin splints. I think what the real problem is that he was 28 shots behind following the third round.

This is a charity event and he needs to put his best effort for the fans who are coming to watch the event. If he isn't in to do that, he shouldn't show up. And he shouldn't take the $170,000 that he was provided for showing up. He doesn't win here, the charity does.

I think Fred Couples said it best, "He should give (the money) back to the foundation," Couples said. "...he's messing with the wrong guy."

Suffice to say, I doubt that Rory will be back.

Source: ESPN, Agent: Last-place Sabbatini withdraws due to shin splints