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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Twitter Updates for 2007-12-01


  • Heading home for the weekend. Yeah! The weekend is finally here. #
  • i hate road construction. they never get t #
  • i hate road construction. Theu often cause more problems than they are fixing. #
  • Just read that ESPN is doing a story on the Barry Bonds doping. Won't it ever end? #
  • Researching dinner places in DC area to have dinner with some friends. I like going to Washington, DC. There are good restaurants there. #
  • Anyone know a good Italian restaurant near King Street station on the metro? #
  • Updating the software on my iPod. It goes pretty quick. Hopefully it didn't fry anything. #
  • Winter is definitely here! Cold and windy today with several feet of snow in the mountains. #
  • i hate people who litter texas plate 269 YTW Bad on you! #
  • Well my iPod is working good and nothing appears fried. #
  • @waldo2526 No! Just waiting at stop lights or sitting at computer. I think of something and capture it. #
  • Having a great lunch wondering aisles of Costco. #
  • Getting ready to watch the Big Game. Go California Bears! #