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Last day for laid-off 'Leno' workers


Last day for laid-off 'Leno' workers - Entertainment News, TV News, Media - Variety The writer's strike is beginning to take its tool on other workers who work in the media industry.  Leno's staff has been laid-off with no guarantee of returning to work.

This is showing how stupid strikes are and how other people, good, hard-working people, are negatively affected by them.

While I agree with the Union's perspective that they need to be fairly compensated for their work that is digitally delivered.  Their disagreement with producer's are having a negative affect on other professions.  These are professions that make a lot less than they do.

To make matters worse, Leno promised them more than he should have, promising that they didn't need to go look for other jobs.  Well the employees should have had a better sense to believe that, Leno should have known better.

Let's end this strike.  No one is winning it.