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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain News Revamps Website


The Rocky Mountain News has revamped their website and I must say I don't quite like the look. It is clean and the information is easily accessible, but it is beginning to look like too many other sites.  The home page photo used to be quite prominent and really differentiated the website from others, but now it is just small and hard to see.  The photographers of the Rocky are some of the best out there and their work needs to be seen, not hidden.

The other opportunity that the Rocky Mountain News missed was in showing links to blogs that discuss a story.  This is a great tool and creates for more discussion and traffic to news stories.  It would be nice if they would add this feature.

Overall, it is clean, bright, and easy to find the information.  It would be nice to see the other features that I discussed.