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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Pac-10 Officials blow it again


Well, the Pac-10 officials blew a call and it almost cost the Oregon State Beavers a football game against the Washington Huskies. Oregon State was marching it down the field and just outside the goal line, Yvenson Marven Barnard was clearly down by contact and lost the football as he was trying to reach out for the goal.

But the officials let the play go on and a Washington safety picked up the ball and returned it to the 40 yard-line. The replay official never stopped the game and since the Beavers were out of time outs, they could not challenge they call.

The Huskies eventually gave the ball on downs at the Beavers 25 yard-line.

The officials had called a good game until this point, but blowing one call is horrible and should not happen. There were three officials looking at the play and needed to step up and make a call. They can't rely on the replay official.

The Pac-10 officials blew a bunch of calls that cost the University of Oklahoma a game against Oregon. Both the reply and on-field officials blew calls in that game, just like this one. Luckily for the Pac-10 this bad call did not cost a team the game.

These officials need to be disciplined. It will be interesting to see if the Pac-10 takes action or not.

It looks like the Pac-10 officials need a lot more work in managing a game, making the appropriate calls, and learning how to make the right call using reply. The officials should not affect the outcome of a game.