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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

A Colorado promise broken


The Denver Post - A Colorado promise broken The Denver Post editorial board has put out this wonderful editorial critical of Governor Ritter.  I couldn't have said it any better.

This Governor had squelched public debate and collaborative decision-making to satisfy an ever increasing minority within this country.

Unions once had a important place in this country in protecting workers and ensuring that they were compensated fairly.  But that time has gone.

And unions in government are even worse.   They only serve to waste time and money while fighting over parking places and who gets a better office space.  Unions in government are worthless.  Managers have to spend a lot more time addressing union issues then communicating with their employees or doing business that we as taxpayers are paying them to do.

This is going to painful for Colorado and especially for taxpayers who will have to pay more to get the same amount of work done.  Businesses who want to do business here will be discouraged.  We may lose an opportunity at economic development.

Ritter has broken his promise to all of us.  We need to look seriously to see if we will want to keep him around as Governor.