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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

The Fall of Nebraska Cornhusker Football Continues, YES!


The fall of the Nebraska Cornhuskers continues. At the end of the second quarter they have allowed Kansas to put 48 points on them. That is amazing. Who would have thought that they would have fallen so far. They are going to have a tough time making a bowl game this year. They are now 4-5 on the season and have if they lose this game they will be 4-6. They will have to win the two remaining games, home against Kansas State and on the road at Colorado. Two tough games against teams that are a lot better than they are. My bet, 4-8 finish for the Cornhuskers.

They should have known better than to hire Bill Callahan as a coach. He was a failure with the Oakland Raiders and is now with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He will certainly be fired as the coach after this season.

Callahan came in and messed with a system that has worked well with the Cornhuskers for ages. They ran an offense that was tough to stop and used the talent that they could get from within the state and poach from other states. They had a tough defense. Callahan tried to turn it into a west coast offense, but they don't have the talent to do that and he will be fired for that.

I am glad that the Cornhuskers are getting theirs. They deserve it because they have been too cocky for too long.