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Is the Apple TV officially a flop? (Or: How to fix Apple TV)


Is the Apple TV officially a flop? (Or: How to fix Apple TV) | Crave : The gadget blog This is from the Crave blog on CNET.  I would have to agree that so far it is a flop and I have one.

One of the biggest complaints that I have is that the video resolution that I download is not that good.  As the article points out, the movie and television shows sold are optimized for the iPod and its smaller screens.

But when you view it on a HD television, it looks blurry.  It just doesn't work.  Some video podcasts look a lot better than the television shows that I have purchased.

I would be intrigued with a rental option, but unless they get a higher resolution it would be a tough sell for me.  Since I have an HD television, I would like to see them as HD.

I like my Apple TV, but they need to improve it so it can continue to grow.