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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

How bout them Rockies!


The Colorado Rockies had no one on and 2 outs and came back to tie it up and eventually win the game tonight 7-3 over the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was an amazing game and Cory Sullivan was key to start the scoring off in the 8th inning and then score the go ahead run in the 10th.  You also need to give the bullpen credit for shutting them down after Ubaldo Jimenez just dominated the Diamondbacks, giving up 3 hits and one bad home run.

I thought the game was over when the first-base umpire blew the call in the top of the 9th.  Tony Clark's foot was definitely off the bag.  The umpire was in a bad position to make the call.  They should never be in a bad position.

The umpire then goes on to throw out Clint Hurdle and for some reason the home plate umpire threw out Troy Tulowitzki who was called out by the bad call.  The problem was that Tulo was in the dugout.

The umpires are human, but in games that mean this much and maybe the playoffs, they need to bring their "A" game.  They didn't tonight.