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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Rory Sabbatini should learn to keep his mouth shut


Rory Sabbatini should learn to keep his mouth shut. After the Wachovia Championship earlier this year, he said that Tiger Woods was more beatable than ever.

Well, he had his opportunity to back it up on the course, and he embarrassed himself and Tiger made a statement at the Bridgestone Championship.

After entering the fourth round trailing by one, Tiger put the pedal to the metal and shot a 65.  What did Sabbatini do?  He shot an 74.  He was flat out embarrassed by Woods.

Sabbatini has had several opportunities to back up his mouth, and he has not even come close.  I hope he just fades away. He will never match Woods in play or class.

Wood made a statement today.  The field at the PGA Championship should just plain watch out.