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Safari 3.0.1 is a little more stable


I have re-download Safari for Windows because of the fix of some of the security issue and I am finding 3.0.1 more stable than 3.0. It is nice to work with and comfortable to the eye, but I don't see myself moving away from Firefox.

I feel that Safari is slower at rendering pages, contrary to Apple claims, and the text issue is better but it could render text a lot better.

To make the text better, I used Cambria font and turned the font smoothing set to Light.

The other problem is that this blog uses WordPress and Safari for Windows does not manage the dashboard that well.  I am unable to use the rich text editor or place any links in the post.  That just doesn't cut if for me.

It is better and more stable, but it is not quite up to Firefox and that is where I am going to stay for a while.