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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Mothers planning 'nurse-in' at Elitch's


Mothers planning 'nurse-in' at Elitch's I just want to say good for them.

My wife breast-fed both of our kids and they should be able to breast feed them anywhere and at anytime, especially in places where the public is allowed.

Breast feeding is a natural process of raising kids and a provides some great nurturing for the kids.  It worked great for us.

Colorado law does not limit the ability to breast-feed and the security at Elitch's and Denver Police went way overboard in how the mistreated this women.  It is totally irresponsible for them to be doing this and they should be disciplined and go through an education of the law.

Good for you Moms!

If people are uncomfortable with this, they should move away or leave.  Don't harass the Mom.  The people complaining are just too sensitive.

If Elitch's treats moms this way, how are they going to treat other people?  This is maybe a good reason not to go there.