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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Don't Download Safari for Windows - It's Not Working Real Well


I just want to say beware of downloading Safari for Windows. It is in Beta and needs a lot more work. Don't download Safari for Windows.

I did and it has created problems for me. The main problem I found is that it somehow erased all my settings in iGoogle, Google Reader, Google Notebook, Google Docs and my news feeds that display on Google News. This happened when I set Safari to be my default browser.

Luckily it didn't have any effect on GMail or Picasa Web and losing all my information online.

Another problem that I ran into was that I hide my taskbar on the bottom and when I had Safari open, it would block the taskbar from coming up so I could switch applications. It was like it wasn't there.

Finally, I like to have Safari (or my other web browser Firefox) full screen. But whenever I would choose Safari, it would default to a set size, a lot smaller than full screen.

It is ridiculous for Apple to post a program that does this to your settings of my online applications.

I would wait know until Apple fixes these bugs and many more bugs that are going to come out. I guess it doesn't pay to use the latest and greatest.

Darn, I was looking forward to trying an alternative. But I guess I get to stay with Firefox for a while longer.