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Simple Tagging for WordPress, Finally Working


Well it was not that simple, but I got Simple Tagging for Wordpress working with my theme. I first had to get the tags.php file working correctly and once I did that, it all started falling together.

Since I have that working, I have been able to tweak the index.php page and single.php page to reflect that I am using both categories and tags. Categories will allow me to group larger topics together and tags will allow me to focus on the specific so that I don't get too long of a category list.

I didn't quite understand the difference between tags and categories until I read a post in the blog Standard Deviations, Tags vs Categories. This post had a good explanation of the subject,

Seems to me tags (ala technorati) are a significantly different thing from categories (what you see on the right hand side of this blog, as supported by wordpress, etc). Categories are a fairly static set of high level things that can be used to categorize your posts. Tags are a larger, more frequently changing set of keywords that are related to the specific content of your post.

Well, let me know what you think of this addition of tagging and my little redesign. Any help is appreciated.