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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Marriott Updating TVs and Computer Options


Well Marriott announced it a while ago and now they are beginning to role out the new TVs and ways to connect to them. They are putting in a 32" LCD TV from LG that has a connection box attached to it so you can play your audio and video files. You can also even connect your laptop to it for one big computer monitor.

This is a tremendous move from a hotel chain because I travel a lot and it is impossible to hook anything up to the TVs. I travel with my own media and iPod and I like to watch my own stuff.

Well with this I can.

The connection box will have connections for HDMI, mini-plug, RCA jacks for audio and video, and a 15-pin VCA connector. This should cover most everyone and their travels.

I can't wait until this is in all their properties. It will be nice to stay at a Marriott.

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