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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

RTD - Struggling with FasTracks


RTD is struggling with FasTracks, but most of the costs are way beyond their control. The price of steel, copper, and concrete, all major components of constructing an large transportation project, are sky-rocketing. This is something that is happening to all major construction projects around the world.

The issue is what happens next and how do we get these things built.

I just wish that these would be done sooner so I could use them. I am glad they were passed and they are proceeding. But it is too long in the making.

All these critics out there who are saying "Told you so!" need to just look at the lines that they have opened up. As soon as they open up new lines, they are at capacity.

There is a need and a demand out there for a good, public transportation system. If there was a good way for me to get from my house to work in less than an hour and didn't involve running between buses with less than a minute to connect, I would be doing that now.

I can't wait until these trains start running. I hope that the politicians and sore losers don't sway opinions too much for the projects to completely fall apart.

You can read more about this issue in the May 22 Rocky Mountain News article, "RTD chief offers reassurance on FasTracks".