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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

State Closes Copper Mountain Ski Area Day Care Center


The State of Colorado has closed the closed the Pumpkin Patch Day Care Center, run by Copper Mountain Inc., where employees would drop off their kids for the day. The reason is that they closed it because the staff in the infant room was taking nude and suggestive photos plus photos of cigarettes in the kids mouths and photos making the kids act like they were making an obscene gesture with their finger. Also, the staffers may have emailed the photos around to other people. Who knows what perverts are looking at these photos.

What were the employees thinking? These must be the stupidest people on earth to be doing this to kids that have been entrusted to them. I am a father of two and if I learned of something like this to my children I would be incredibly mad.

If it wouldn't have been for two former staffers, then this would still be going on. Hopefully the Summit County Sheriff's Office presses charges and they are prosecuted to the full-extent of the law.

Copper Mountain has a lot of explaining to do!

You can read more in the Rocky Mountain News: Ski resort's day care is closed over nude photos