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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

What is with the blowhards...


I am wondering what is with the blowhards who are appearing on the cable networks spouting off like they could have done a better job handling the shootings today at Virginia Tech. If you listen to the timeline, as soon as the second shooting began the police where there and tried to get to the gunman. But the gunman had chained the doors shut and it delayed them getting it, by most 2 minutes.

Also, there is no way that this campus could have been shut down at the time. There were over 16,000 students trying to get to class and moving about. There is no easy way to control that many people.

I just wish the media and blowhard pundits would shut up until all the facts are known. To me, they are more of the problem than the solution.

The media needs to be more responsible and stop looking to blame the school and the police. The person who is responsible is now dead. That is who is responsible for this.