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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

People Are Over-Sensitive Regarding Memorial


People are being over sensitive to planned memorial of a Navy Seal, Danny Dietz, who died in combat in Afghanistan. The memorial planned for Berry Park  is near where he grew up and went to school.  The issue raised  was that this memorial is going to be of Dietz in uniform holding his combat weapon.

The problem, according to the objectors, is that this memorial will only glorified violence and guns.  They especially felt this way since the park where it will be is near some schools, including Columbine High School.

I think people are over-reacting to this memorial.  It is honoring a fallen hero who died trying to protect this country.  One of the things that a soldier has with him is his weapon.  It is used for defending this country.

If you go to military memorials around the state of Colorado and this wonderful country, you will see many memorials to fallen soldiers, and most, if not all, will be holding a weapon of the day.

We need to stop being overly-sensitive to these issues and fight what is really important that violence with guns against each other in this country is wrong and needs to stop.

A memorial to a fallen soldier who is holding a gun is not going to cause someone to commit violence against someone else or use a gun to hurt or kill someone.

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