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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Apple Turns Around Online Music Debate


Just recently the European Commission was blaming Apple for a limited and convoluted process for obtaining digital music. In Europe there was different prices and restrictions that were placed upon the iTunes music store. Well the European Commission has now come out and is now blaming the record labels. From an article on CNET, Commission spokesman said, "Our current view is that this is an arrangement which is imposed on Apple by the major record companies and we do not see a justification for it."

This builds upon the letter that Steve Jobs posted on the Apple website in February and the agreement that Apple signed with EMI yesterday. Finally the record labels are getting their just rewards and it is time to stop blaming Apple.

Times are a changing and there will soon be more choice for consumers. With competition we will have better products and hopefully better prices. In can only benefit us as the consumer.