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Deal Coming on DRM Free Music


Apple and EMI Group will be making a big announcement on Monday where EMI is going to sell the labels music DRM free on iTunes. EMI is also looking at other deals with other companies to do this with. This is huge and will be a great step forward in progressing away from the old music models. Having DRM free music will allow music to be shared on a wide variety of devices and we won't be stuck with on a device tied to a service we are buying it from.

Speculation is also flowing that there might be a deal for Beatles music. But according to a story by Reuters in the Washington Post, "Apple/EMI in deal, but Beatles not included-source", the Beatles appear to not be in the picture.

In February, Steve Jobs issued a letter calling for music companies to get rid of DRM. One of the biggest points is that the sell their CDs without DRM and they sell a lot more of them then they do downloaded music. You can see my post here.

Knerdy Corner might start buying music at iTunes now if this goes through in his post Steve Jobs + EMI = ???.

This could begin the tidal wave to get rid of DRM. I can't wait. Let the revolution begin. I bet the RIAA is starting to quake in their boots.