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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Apple TV is Incredible!


Apple TVWell I went out over the first weekend and bought Apple TV. I had been looking at this for something to help get my content from my computer to my TV. I do not like the idea of media center and the other products in the category were just too complicated. Since I use iTunes and have an iPod I found that it would be best to go with Apple TV.

Well it was simple. I opened the box and found the Apple TV and a power cord. Also enclosed was some documentation.

Set up couldn't have been easier. I hooked up the component and audio cables to my HDTV and hooked up a Ethernet cable to my home network.

I turned on the TV and tuned it to the input for the Apple TV and there it was. I choose English as the language, set the resolution to 720p and up popped a 5 digit number.

It was then off to iTunes on my computer to sync with the Apple TV. Already iTunes had picked it up and I just authenticated it to the device and it automatically began syncing all my TV shows, Movies, podcasts, and music.

Once I got everthing to the device and started playing content, it was amazing. I updated all my video podcasts from the iPod version to the H.264 version and the resolution was a great improvement. The quality is like watching a DVD on my 1080i TV. Remember, the video quality out is as good as what goes in. So if you have a lower resolution input, there will be a lower resolution output.

The only thing that I have a complaint about is a couple of my things won't copy over to the the Apple TV and it gives me a warning each time that it syncs that it can't copy that over. It would be nice that it would allow me to turn that off, but I can't find anything right now.

Other than that, I am truly impressed with Apple TV. When Apple does something, it does it right. It looks nice, it is a simple set-up, and I am now watching video on my TV from my computer.

It does not get any better than this.

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