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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Bailey's Pub & Grill


Well I wanted to catch the Colorado Avalanche game and there is not too many opportunities in the Crystal City area to find a place to watch a game on satellite. Well Bailey's Pub & Grill filled the need. The manager was quite receptive and let me find a seat and then he placed the game on a television nearby so I could watch. Great!

Well I needed some dinner and the Tavern Burger (minus the sauteed onions) filled the need and the fries were good and crispy. The Boddingtons was well worth it (both pints). The cheesecake topped off the evening. A giant piece with strawberries. Nothing better.

The service was great. The only drawback is that it is kinda noisy with all the music playing, but it is good music. Just be prepared to speak loudly with your dining partners.

And the Avalanche won the game.

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