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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado



I am in Washington, DC, for business and I always enjoy the wonderful food that is available in restaurants here in the metro area. One of the places that I enjoy to go is Siné Irish Pub located in the Pentagon Row area behind the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington.

Well I had to try the Reuben Sandwich. I always find those pretty good, but this one, while good, had some deficiencies. The taste was there and the kraut had some flavor but there was not a lot of sauce and the bread was dry. It came with fries and they were quite good. It all tasted great with a Guinness. (Everything tastes well with a Guinness.)

Why the sandwich was just average, the dessert was quite good. The Bread Pudding was quite good, especially served with caramel and ice cream.

The service was so-so, but I wouldn't let this bother you. I have been to this place before and have had good meals and service. Other items that I have had that were good include the Fish & Chips and Shepard's Pie, all with Guinness (What else to wash it all down.).

One thing that concerned me is the advertisement that they had up for St. Patrick's Day coming up. It said come on in on St. Patrick's Day and enjoy a nice cold Budweiser or Bud Light. What bunk. What is an Irish Pub promoting a bland, bad tasting American style beer on St. Patrick's Day.

You can see a review in the Washington Post. Link...

Let's hope they improve the Reuben Sandwich and the service gets back to where it was when it opened for an improved experience. But if you are ever neat the Pentagon City area, Siné Irish Pub is worth the try.