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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Army Ignores Walter Reed and Injured Soldiers


I can't believe that the US Army let Walter Reed go the way that it did. These are soldiers who served their country and were injured in the line of duty. We need to be doing everything that we can to support them and give them the best care that we can. But the leadership in the Army listened to complaints and knew something was going on but didn't do anything. The Washington Post broke this story and had a good one on Thursday, "Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect", that explains how the leadership in the Army knew what was going on and they had been hearing complaints for years.

I think the best, most compelling statement in the story is:

... (Lt. Gen. Kevin C.) Kiley, his successive commanders at Walter Reed and various top noncommissioned officers in charge of soldiers' lives have heard a stream of complaints about outpatient treatment over the past several years. The complaints have surfaced at town hall meetings for staff and soldiers, at commanders' "sensing sessions" in which soldiers or officers are encouraged to speak freely, and in several inspector general's reports detailing building conditions, safety issues and other matters.

This is unacceptable.  Kiley was the Commanding Officer at Walter Reed for a while and he is now the top medical officer in the Army.  His house is across the street from Building 18 where most of the problems are.  And he denies that there are that many problems.  But the proof is there.

This scandal has already cost two people their jobs, Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey and Walter Reed Commander Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, who had only been there for about 6 months.  The problem is that before he was fired, Army Secretary Harvey replaced him with Kiley who has been aware of the problems and has done nothing.  This is what lead to him losing his job.  This was someone's sick joke.  I can't believe that Harvey did this.

I just hope that the Army can get it together and do something for our troops who are fighting for our country in a foreign land and getting injured.  They deserve the best, nothing less.