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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Body Language Tells All


Daily Dog had a good story on body language and how it can really tell what they are thinking, "Silent Signals: State of the Union Miscues Give Body Language Expert Wood the Last Word". This story captured both sides of the aisle in looking at President Bush and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It especially pointed out the lack of respect that Speaker Pelosi received at the beginning of the State of the Union when she couldn't bring the House to order.  It is amazing what people will do when they think the cameras are off.  Thank you C-Span.

I thought Bush and Pelosi looked ok throughout the State of the Union, but Vice President Cheney kept popping food or something throughout the entire speech.  He did not look real comfortable up there. Oh well.  He has to only sit up there one more time.