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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Colorado Amendment 41 Goes to Far


Colorado Amendment 41 goes to far in limiting gifts that state and local govermnet employees, elected officials, and their families can except. Gifts can be no more than $50. But what is happening is that families are not able to except scholarships over $50 because it is felt that this would violate the ban. Why can't students who compete fairly with others except these scholarships? There is no bribe or any other intention than providing students money to attend college.

The Denver Post looked at this today in a story, "Amend. 41 Holding Up Scholarships". Two students who were awarded 9Kids Who Care Award scholarships will not be able to accept them because at least one of their parents works for a state or local government.

Granted Amendment 41 is being reviewed to see if scholarships are covered by this, but if you read the letter of the law, it is. This problem should be immediately fixed, but it can't without a vote of the people because it was an amendment to the state constitution.

This is why I voted against this amendment. It went to far and overreached in limiting gifts and money that officials may receive. There were already plenty of laws and ethics that are out there without having to amend the state constitution.

It is only creating more problems than we had before and it will probably cost us more money in the future because we will have to amend the amendment to allow children of permanent employees of our state and local governments to receive scholarships to attend school. Heaven knows they need it because they don't nearly make enough money to pay to attend college, especially in Colorado.