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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

X-Drive Not Worth It


I had looked at X-Drive previously and it didn't give me the storage size that I needed and just heard that they had upped the free storage to 5 GB for free. So I thought I would give it another try. What I found is that the online application that lets you upload photos, videos, and files didn't operate smoothly. It was extremely slow to execute an operation or to change a screen. I am not talking about uploading files, I couldn't get that to work.

I couldn't get the online version to work, so I thought that I would download the desktop application. I got it downloaded and the first problem is that one I had in installed I had to reboot my computer. Applications these days shouldn't have to reboot in order to install.

Once I had it rebooted, I selected my files and started uploading. It was working fine and I headed to bed to let it all work overnight. When I checked it this morning, there was an error and the backup failed. I checked online and there were no files there that were readable.

Needless to say that I have uninstalled X-Drive and won't be using it. Just to let you know, X-Drive is now owned by AOL.

X-Drive is not worth the hassle and I don't recommend using it.