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Bar Files Ethics Charges Against Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor


According to a AP Story, the North Carolina Bar has filed ethic charges against Mike Nifong, the prosecutor in the Duke Lacrosse case. The North Carolina Bar has charged Nifong with "violating the prohibition against making comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused." He was also charged with "breaking forbids dishonesty, fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation." In the story, this was added because Nifong told a reporter that the players probably used a condom after the DNA results came back negative when he knew that wasn't true.

When I first heard of this case, I was saddened that this had happened. But as more of the evidence has been made public I have become angry that the charges have not been dropped. But upon learning that Nifong was up for re-election, I feel that this case was brought forward for purely political reasons.

Paul's World also has this same opinion, "It seems fairly clear this guy used this case for political purposes, pursued charges he could not sustain, withheld evidence and pretty much abused his office."

Rape and kidnapping are serious charges. And when they are brought forward falsely, it only hurts the current and future cases that are being tried or will be tried in the future.

Nifong could be admonished or disbarred for these charges. I think Nifong should drop the rest of the charges and step down as county prosecutor and then be disbarred by the North Carolina Bar.