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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Firefox 2.0 Rates a 10!


Well, it took quite a bit to install the new IE7. But just as hard as it was to install IE7, it was just as easy to install Firefox 2.0. All you need to do is to go to and download it. Once it downloads, in a few minutes, just open it up and it installs quickly. No closing your browser or having to reboot, like in IE7. It is quick, easy, and painless. The visuals are updated and more polished. The interface is better and more intuitive.

As you can see from my IE7 post, it was a difficult install and took quite a bit to get it set up and running appropriately. Firefox 2.0 was completely different and a breeze. You can't go wrong in installing Firefox 2.0.

If you don't believe me, you can read a review on CNET and see their review, they made it their Editor's Choice. Overall, it is being well received. See those blog posts that have been cataloged by Technorati.

Go Firefox!