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Thoughts and Experiences from the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado

Denver Post Updates Their Website


The Denver Post has updated their website. It looks a lot better and is easier to navigate. The information is just right there. The only issue that I have is the top part of the pages, except for the home page, has a banner ad. Something that I have to look at before getting to the content.

I understand the need to have advertising on a site (I have it on this site), but it needs to be subtle and not the first thing that people see on top of the website. The way I use the website and usability studies show that people look upper left first and then go right. With this design, people see the ad first and then the content.

Not what I am looking for from a news website.

A good start Denver Post. But get rid of the ad on the top of the page.

See my comment that I left on their page.